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Reply With" 30-Apr-2009, 12:13 AM #6, re: t-bol and test p, looks pretty good man the test prop should be injected eod. I was pleasnetly suprized to find out yesterday that

my buddy and I had got test c rather then test. Re: t-bol and test p why do you have the test going up and down? T, bOL also enables your body to use the extra testosterone more efficiently by freeing bound testosterone and increasing receptor. I know the cycle I have drawn up is prob no good. Should I just use the t-bol for the first five weeks rather then splitting it? T - bol is undoubtedly among the very most amazing AAS that you can purchase in the marketplace nowadays having a really interesting historical past. Note I have Clomid and Nolva on Hand I will worry about incorperating that in 1 to 3 weeks just worried about the good stuff with this post! I'm on my 7th week of t-bol at. He said it would help jump start my cycle then it would help me come off the cycle. That one post answered and said 40-60mg t-bol a week did he meas per day? As for t - bol its a weaker d- bol and has less water retention potential, but it is great for strength and lean muscle. I would definitely say that I've gained lean muscle mass with t-bol than I did with var. Reply With" 29-Apr-2009, 03:08 PM #2, re: t-bol and test p, i would run the Test prop for 6 weeks 1-6 Test Prop 500MG per week inject EOD 1-6 T-bol 25MG. I was thinking about doing the cycle I have posted below but I'm sure its probably not perfect and you guys will help me figure out a better cycle with what I got. No need to bash me its my body i'll do what I please I'm just asking for help! Find great deals on eBay for t bol and tbol. Reply With" 30-Apr-2009, 04:57 PM #9 Re: t-bol and test p I think 25mg tbol Is a good dose I like to use an oral the Last 2weeks of the cyle to let the long esters clear your system so u can begin pct immedietly.

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You guys helped methanabol me through that one. My buddies who I go through dnt know sh! Also, is sale 25 mg's a day enough with the t-bol? If you can, stick with Cypionate if you already have. Week 1: testosterone T-bol 25mg E/D week drugs 2: T-bol 25mg E/D Test C 250 week 3: T-Bol 25mg E/D Test C 500 week 4: T-Bol 25mg E/D Test C 500 week 5: T-Bol 25mg E/D Test C 500 week 6: T-Bol 25mg E/D Test C 500. Thank-you very much anabolic for your answer! I had the sustanon last time so it was only once a week. Week 1: 25 mg day t-bol week 2: 25 mg day t-bol 250 test p week 3: 25 mg day t-bol 500 test p week 4: 500 test p week 5: 500 test p week 6: 750 test p week 7: 750 test p week. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

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So basically, should I just use the steroid t-bol for stanozolol the first five weeks of my cycle rather then splitting it between anabolic the beg and end? 29-Apr-2009, 03:02 PM #1 t-bol and test p, hey everybody I am very happy to undecyclenate be back! I told myself I would do one cycle a year as long as I wanted. I am so pumped about this. I want to do a 11,12, or mabey even 13 week cycle. I had heard from a source that is not as in the know as you guys that I should split the t-bol to use it in the beg and end of the cycle.

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If you use Prop you should be able to gauge your bloat and perhaps not need testosterone A-Dex at t it's always good to have on hand anyways since people do react differently. I have enough t-bol to do 25 a undecylenate day for 40 days. Reply With" anavar 29-Apr-2009, 05:05 PM #4, re: t-bol and test p, only 1 answer. I would run the prop 500 mg week for 10-12weeks and run the tbol for the first 5 weeks. I think best it would be A good idea to use a-dex to keep bloat down I think this is a nice cycle but as a second cycle the eod injections can get old fast poise especially if its painful prop maybe get some test cyp. They are saying to do it once a week and I knew it was the short acting test! I've totally lost my appetite, no change in my sex drive, and my periods are irregular but I'll still do t-bol again versus Anavar. Just keep it at 500 the whole time. Still no bloat thus far and making gains. I am very glad about that cause 1 inject a week is enough for. I have enough test p to do 500mgs a week for 10 weeks. Var made kits me bloat and I gained at least 10 lbs on those cycles. Reply With" 29-Apr-2009, 08:38 PM #5.